On this trip, I climbed two peaks:

Háhttagáisi (1407) and Likjefjellet (1374), Balsfjord.

Háhttagáisi from Gievdnevággi.

A short route description: Start from the farm Tverrelvnes north of Fjellfrøsvatnet where you will find a marked dirt road that follows the power lines to the head of the valley (4 km). There is a Sami reindeer camp in the upper part of the valley (You will probably have to climb a fence or two). Because I found various body parts from reindeer laying around, I would not drink the water from the streams in this area.
The route continues as a marked path on the north side of the stream before it crosses the stream and continues mostly on scree towards the Col and later the summit.

The dirt road in Gievdnevággi - leading up to a Sami camp - is actually a good bike road. I wish I knew this before I went there.

The Sami camp in Gievdnevággi.


Looking down into Gievdnevággi.

This is where the path crosses the river and climbs up to the Col between point 1277 (left) and Háhttagáisi (right).

On the summit of Háhttagáisi.

Looking towards Takvatnet.

Likjefjellet (1354) in the sun and Botnskartinden (1494) in the shadow..

The ascent from point 1277 to the Col (1088) south of Likjefjellet became much steeper than expected and I barely made it down.

Point 1277 from Likjefjell. It´s better to ascend the original Háhttagáisi route towards the little cottage (marked with a rectangle) instead of ascending the NE ridge (left) which I did.

This is where I managed to reach the Col.

There is a marked track that starts from this cottage, leading to the summit of Likjefjellet.

The summit of Likjefjellet.

Botnskartinden (1494) from Likjefjellet. It was my intention to descend to the Col between these two summits and then climb the South ridge to the summit of Botnskartinden...

…but the North ridge on Likjefjel became too steep. I thought I had made it after descending this hammer, but it was a dead end, and I had to climb up again. You actually need a rope to get down there. 

Back in Gievdnevággi.

Climbed 3. August 2013.
Total distance: 18.45 km. Duration 5:45.
Distance to Háhttagáisi: 6 km. Time: 1:40.
Total climb: 1533.

Háhttagáisi from Tamokdalen.

© Geir Jenssen