Middagstinden (1072), The Lyngen peninsula, Norway


Middagstinden as seen from Lakselvdalen.

  A brief route description: Middagstinden is situated to the East of Lakselvdalen, just NW of  Piggtinden.
You can park near the farm Heimdal and follow the dirt road (marked on the map) up to the treeline.

The skiing is moderate with three sections of 30-35°.
An alternative route is to start from Kveldro and climb towards Point 714.

Ski ascent, 3. May 2008.

The summit as seen from Point 714.

The summit of Middagstinden.

Middagstinden as seen from Henriktinden.
Piggtinden behind.

Piggtinden as seen from the summit of Middagstinden.

Middagstinden and Piggtinden as seen frm Lakselvdalen.

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