Lille Lenangstinden (1100) via the south west face couloir.  700 m, 40-45°. 

The south west face couloir as seen from Lenangsbreen. 

DSCN1860 lille lenangstinden

Lille Lenangstinden from Strupskardet. The red arrow marks the beginning of the couloir.

The couloir as seen from the cirque below Lenangsbreen.

Kent Hugo at the beginning of the couloir.

Looking towards Jægervasstindan.

The not so steep middle section.

The middle section.

The beginning of the upper section where it gets steeper again.

Kent Hugo near the top of the couloir.

Looking down the couloir from the summit ridge.

Finally on the summit ridge.

Store Lenangstinden.

The last steep section below the summit where a falling cornice triggered a slab avalanche...

Where the cornice fell off.

Kent Hugo on the summit.

Geir on the summit.

From the descent.

lille lenangstinden kart

Climbed in the evening of May 15th 2014 by Kent Hugo Norheim and Geir Jenssen.
Total distance to the summit from Sør-Lenangsbotn approx. 7.5 km.

All photos by Kent Hugo Norheim and Geir Jenssen.

© Geir Jenssen