Mefjordvær, Senja. 

Click on any area to go to a zoomable map with further details on the selected area.  The blue dot is the position of the Senja Cottage.
The black triangles are shelters. 

Mefjordmarka and Stordalen as seen from Halsen.


Swans on Litjevatnet.

2016-05-22 13.05.14

The shelter by Storvatnet.


Looking towards the hilltop Knuten (110) from Gravdalen. 

IMG 9030

The peak Mykjetinden as seen from the lake Lille Skålbrekkvatnet. 

IMG 9019

Mefjordvær as seen  from the Skålbrekka moraine ridge .

IMG 5062 knuten

The memorial on  Knuten.

IMG 5065

The peak Segla and Mefjorden from Knuten. 

IMG 5045 mefjordvær

Mefjordvær from Knuten. 

IMG 5052

The Norwegian Sea from Knuten.

The Senja “wolf” in Stordalen.

Ice skating on the lake Storvatnet. 

Polar twilight, Stordalen.

Looking towards the mountains of Nordlandet on the East side of Mefjord.

Winter light. 

The East face of Fjølhøgget (600). 

© Geir Jenssen