Gjømmertinden / Gealberčohkka (1101), Tromsø, Norway


Gjømmertinden as seen from Balsfjorden.

Gjømmertinden is situated to the north of Laksvatn in Balsfjorden.
A brief description of the North ridge route: Start from Laksvatnet and ski up Gjømmerdalen to the end of the valley. Turn
North-Eastwards and proceed up the huge moraine / hanging valley that leads all the way up to the pass between Gjømmertinden and
Climbing the North ridge is straightforward with two sections of approx. 45.∘An ice axe and a pair of crampons should be sufficient.

6. April 2009.

Gjømmertinden as seen from Blåtinden. The North ridge route  is marked in red.

Gjømmertinden from the upper part of Gjømmerdalen. The North Ridge forms the left-hand skyline.

The North ridge as seen from the pass near Gjømmerdalsbreen.

A view from the North ridge towards Blåtinden and Tverrfjellet.

Near the summit of Gjømmertinden.

A view from the summit towards Blåtinden and Gjømmerdalen.

Gjømmerdalsbreen from Gjømmertinden.

The upper part of Gjømmerdalen. Illegal snow scooter tracks everywhere.

Man against machine.

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