Nállangáisi (1595), The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway. 

P3281008 nallangaisi

The upper part of Nállangáisi´s  West Face. 
Nállangáisi  was first climbed – via the SW ridge – by Elizabeth Main (UK), Josef & Emil Imboden (CH) on July 20th 1899. They used the name “Njalavarrenebbe”.
The West Face route was first climbed by the brothers Håvard and Sjur Nesheim in 1974. 
The pictures below are from an ascent that took place on 28. March 1983 with Bjørn Arntzen and Geir Jenssen.

P4115936 nallangaisi

Nállangáisi West face. 

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Nállangáisi West Face from Imbodentinden. This photo: Kent-Hugo Norheim.

                                                         Approaching  the west face from Goverdaeln

Sagbladet and Goverdalstinden. 

In Goverdalen.

Approaching the gully on the West face. 

Climbing in deep snow on the lower part of the West face.


Geir Jenssen high on the West Face.

Looking down the West Face.

                                                    On the SW ridge. 

Bjørn Arntzen below the summit .


A view from the summit towards Gaskačohkka (1507). 

                                                      Bjørn Arntzen.

Geir Jenssen.

                                                    A view down the SW ridge towards Sfinxen. 

                                                 Geir Jenssen back by the cross-country poles.

© Geir Jenssen