Saltdalstinden (1244), Tromsø, Norway

A telephoto of Saltdalstinden´s Point 1244 as seen fra Maritind.

Saltdalstindene is a group of six peaks located to the East of Saltdalen in Ramfjord. They have no names on the map, so I have given them the name Saltdalstindene, but I will investigate this further. They must have a Sami name. We couldn´t find any signs of any previous visitors on the summit of Point 1324 (i.e. no cairn), so this was probably a first ascent!!

A brief route description: Easy scrambling from Saltdalen up to the glacier to the North of the summit. The route follows the NE-buttress to the summit. Easy!
We continued down the South ridge towards Point 1324. Use a rope if you have!
Climbed together  with Bjørn Arntzen: 2. August 1994.

The author on the summit with Jiehkkevárri in the background

A risky, unprotected descent of the South ridge. Bjørn Arntzen can be seen in the middlle of the picture.

© Geir Jenssen 2006