Tepphaugdaltinden (1251), Tromsø, Norway

The South face of Tepphaugdaltinden as seen from Tverrfjellet (1394).

Our route traverses the mountain by ascending the East ridge / South face (lright) and descending the West ridge (left).
Start from the road at Breivikeidet and follow Tepphaugdalen for 6 km up to the col (800) between Stormheimtinden and Tepphaugdaltinden.
Proceed on the East ridge. Mostly easy scrambling all the way to the summit. A few steeper sections were climbed with running belays.
Descend the West ridge to the saddle and you are back in Tepphaugdalen. The West ridge has a few steeper sections just below the summit plateau.

Climbed by Per Martinsen and Geir Jenssen, 14. September 1993.

Tepphaugdaltinden as seen from Langdaltinden.

Tepphaugdaltinden with the West ridge facing the camera and the East ridge on the right.

A view towards Tepphaugdaltinden from Saltdalstinden (1324).

© Geir Jenssen 2009