Vardtinden (1151), The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway


Vardtinden as seen from Lakselvdalen.

Vardtinden is situated to the East of Lakselvdalen, just NE of  Middagstinden.
A brief route description of the North West ridge: You can park near the farm Heimli. Follow the stream (on the left hand side) nearly
all the way up to the cirque that separates the NW ridge and West ridge. From approx. 700 m follow the NW ridge to the summit.

Ski ascent, 27. January 2009.

Vardtinden as seen from the treeline. The route follows the NW ridge on the left hand side of this picture.

Looking towards Vardtinden´s West summit (1019) from the NW ridge.

Vardtinden as seen from Henriktinden.

© Geir Jenssen 2009