Maursundtinden (1098), Skjervøy, Norway



Maursundtinden (aka Søndre Kågtinden) is situated on the island of Kågen west of Skjervøy. It has two summits of nearly equal height, the North and South summit.
A brief route description of the North summit route:  follow Kågelva up to the little lake (248) in the bottom of the valley East of the mountain. Proceed up the little glacier NE of the summit until you reach the notch between Høgfjellet (932) and Maursundtinden. From here a short, steep traverse (50 m) leads to the North side of the summit. Then easy scrambling to the summit.

Climbed by Geir Jenssen and Steinar Johansen, 10. October 1981.

Under the East face. The glacier and the notch to the right.

Steinar Johansen traversing from the notch towards the North side of the summit.

Easy scrambling on the North side of the summit.

The South summit of Maursundtinden as seen from the North summit.

© Geir Jenssen 2007