Buktedalstinden (886), Tromsø, Norway


Buktedalstinden as seen from Straumsbuktdalen.

is situated on the Southern part of Kvaløya, to the West of Straumsbukta.

Mjeldskardtinden (centre) and Buktedalstinden (right) as seen Straumsbukta.

A brief route description of the
Buktedalstinden-Mjeldskardtinden traverse:
Start from Straumsbukta. Scramble up Buktaaksla to Rundheia (515). Follow the East ridge of
Buktedalstinden to the summit. This is 4 km of easy walking
except some scrambling near the summit. Continue down the West ridge towards the pass between
Buktedalstinden and Mjeldskardtinden. This is quite steep,
and some people will probably prefer to use a rope. Easy scrambling / climbing from the pass to the summit of Mjeldskardtinden. The last bit of the North ridge is narrow.
We continued southward and climbed down to the pass between Mjeldskardtinden and Gråtinden before continuing down Straumsbuktdalen which was a nightmare of dense
thicket and boggy ground. Bring back the goats!

Traversed by Bjørn Arntzen, Geir Jenssen and Richard Sørli, 21. July 1998.

The Buktedalstinden-Mjeldskardtinden traverse as seen from Kvitbergfjellet.

Buktedalstinden  as seen from Mjeldskardtinden

Mjeldskardtinden (centre) and Buktedalstinden (right) as seen from Berg outside Tromsø.

© Geir Jenssen 2007