Langdaltinden (928) Tromsø, Norway


Langdaltinden´s South-West side as seen from Breivikeidet.

A short route description: Start from Elvevoll at Breivikeidet and follow Finnheimdalen on the right hand side until you reach the elevation of approx. 500 m.
Proceed eastwards up the hill to the South ridge and follow the ridge to the summit.
About the descent: We crossed Finnheimdalen just below the lake near the bottom of the valley and descended the West side of the valley due to less trees.
A fantastic ride!

Snowboard ascent/descent by Matthias Gunsch and Geir Jenssen, 7. March 2007

A Finnish skier just below the summit.

A view down the South West side from the summit.

Two skiers on the summit ridge. Isskardtindene in the background.

Matthias Gunsch on perfect snow on the upper slopes of Finnheimdalen.

Langdaltinden´s East face as seen from Breivikeidet.

© Geir Jenssen 2007