Store Ste (1024), Nordreisa, Norway

Store Ste as seen from Storslett.

Store Ste is situated to the south of Storslett, the administrative centre of Nordreisa municipality.

A short route description: Start from Kildal and follow a little valley up to Lånivatnet (218) south of the mountain. From here follow the North ridge all the way to the summit.
It looks like a serious climb from Storslett, but it turned out to be an easy scramble.

Climbed by Bjørn Arntzen and Geir Jenssen, 1. November 1982

A view from the North ridge towards Storslett and Reisafjorden.

Looking down the East face.

Store Ste as seen from Reisadalen.

Store Ste as seen from the summit of Jyppyrä (874).

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