Lille Blåmannen (844) and Stålhovet (861), Kvaløya, Norway


The East side of Lille Blåmannen as seen from Berg, south of Tromsø.
This is a classic, easy ski ascent. The tracks are visible on the right hand side of the picture.

A brief route description: Start from Håkøybotn and walk up to the telecommunication cottage (670) situated on the East ridge (marked with a red square). From here continue along the ridge to the summit. The summit of Stålhovet can be easily reached from Lille Blåmannen. It is less than a kilometer away.
The route is marked on the Kvaløya map.

A telephoto of Lille Blåmannen (left) and Stålhovet (right) taken from Tromsdalen.

A telephoto of Stålhovet (center) as seen from Skitntinden.

Telenor´s telecommunications cottage on Lille Blåmannen.

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