Nordfjellet (1000), Ringvassøya, Norway

Nordjellet as seen from Grøtsundet. Istinden to the right.

A brief description of the South East ridge route: Start from Glimma and follow Sandelva up to a little lake (approx. 400 m).
Continue to the summit of Glimfjellet (786) where the South East ridge starts. The ridge is quite narrow, but still an easy walk.
When you reach Nordfjellet follow the edge of the East face to the summit. Easy!
You can either descend the same route, or descend the South face to Ringvatnet.

Geir Jenssen and Erik Skjoldbjærg, 3. August 1998.


Nordfjellet as seen from Grøtsundet.

Nordfjellet as seen from Tromsdalen.

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