Blåtinden (1180), Balsfjord, Norway


The South face of Blåtinden as seen from Balsfjord.

This mountain is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that this is where the downhill and super G competitions will take place if Tromsø gets the
Winter Olympics in 2018. There is a parking lot at Kantornes that costs NOK 50. The route is marked on the map Tromsø Fastland / Stuoranjárga.

  Ascended together with Richard Sørli, 9. August 1996.
Snowboard descent with Matthias Gunsch, 24. March 2007.

The West face of Blåtinden as seen from Balsfjorden.

The West face as seen from Gorzelvtinden.

The East face as seen from Gjømmertinden.

Blåtinden rises above the clouds. Photo taken from Andersdaltinden.

Tthe summit cairn.

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