Sieidi (1042), Tromsø, Norway

Sieidi is a Sami word for an offering stone or a holy rock.
The right hand skyline is t
he North ridge.

A short description of the North ridge route: start from the gravel pit on the north side of Sjøvassbotn. You can actually cross the river Turrelva on a little bridge near the gravel pit and follow a moraine ridge on the east side of the river towards Turrelvdalen. When you reach the river gorge at around 200 m scrarmble up a little cliff on the right hand side instead of walking into the gorge.  After passing a nice waterfall the terrain gets easier. Continue to the bottom of Turrelvdalen before scrambling up the hillside to the lake Sieiddevatnet at 705 m. Climbing the North ridge is straightfoward up to the notch at 950 m where there is a 30 m section at about 50-55 degrees. This can be avoided by traversing to the right and ascending the West face to the summit.

Sieidi as seen from the North summit.

From the North ridge.

Approaching the steepest part of the route.

At about 55 degrees, this is the steepest part of the North ridge.

On the summit

Sunrise at 12 pm! A view from the summit towards Laksvatn and Balsfjord.

Sieidi North summit.

A stonehead just below the summit.

The sleeping woman.

Descending the West face.

From the West face.

Sieidi in spring. The left hand skyline is the North ridge.

The North ridge as seen from Gjømmertinden.

  Visited by Bjørn Arntzen and Geir Jenssen, 24. November 2009

© Geir Jenssen 2009