This trip actually traverses three peaks:

Halvorsfjellet / Vuoddjit (1214).
Istinden / Dalsfjellet / Jieknjagáisi (1482).
Lille Istinden (1191).

Istinden from Russenes.

The route.

Follow the gravel road from road 295 at Russenes up to this gate under the E6 road. Continue past the shooting ground to the path on the East side of Russedalen. 

After 2.75 km climb up on the right side of the river Skardelva towards Ramneskaret (1035).

Looking down Russedalen towards Balsfjorden.

Store Russetinden from Ramneskaret.

To avoid the massive scree in the upper part of Ramneskaret I decided to scramble up the SW side of Halvorsfjellet (1214) towards the summit.

The lower part of Ramneskaret from Halvorsfjellet.

Istinden / Jieknjagáisi (1482) from Halvorsfjellet.

Istinden / Jieknjagáisi (1482) from Istindskaret.

Markesnestindan, Rakeltinden and Store Russetinden from the summit of Istinden.

Lille Istinden (1191) from the South ridge of Istinden.

Lille Istinden from Stuorajávrrigáisi.

On the summit of Lile Istinden.

The summit cairn.


Store Russetinden.

Lille Istinden from Russedalsskaret.

On easy terrain in the upper part of Russedalen. Further down the terrain became more difficult with moraines and scree.

Halvorsfjellet and Istinden from Hamnes, Balsfjorden.

Climbed 29. July 2013.
Total distance: 18 km. Total climb: 1726 m. Total time: 6:30
Distance to Halvorsfjellet: 5.5 km. Time: 1:44
Distance to Istinden: 8 km. Time: 3:00
Distance to Lille Istinden: 10 km. Time: 4:00

© Geir Jenssen