Trollholtinden (983) and Leirbakktinden (970), Balsfjord, Norway


Trollholtinden and Leirbakktinden as seen from Straumsfjorden, Kvaløya.

These peaks are situated on the Malangen peninsula, just to the West of Bentsjordtinden.
A short route description: There is a tiny sheep track that starts from Brokskard near Kløftelva and head towards Grønvatnet (370).
Follow the hanging valley up to the summit of Brokskardtinden (791). Continue westward up to the notch between Trollholtinden and
Leirbakktinden and follow either the SE-ridge up to the summit of Leirbakktinden and/or the NE to the summit of Trollholtinden. The last
section of both routes are approx. 40-45 degrees. It is also possible to ski down the East ridge/face of Trollholtinden
back to Brokskardtinden.

Ski ascent, 4. June 2007

Brokskard as seen from Brokskardfjellet.

Looking North West towards Sommarøy from the summit of Leirbakktinden.

Tromsø at midnight as seen from the summit of Leirbakktinden.

A view of both peaks together.
My ski tracks can be seen on the SE ridge of Leirbakktinden.

© Geir Jenssen 2007