Husfjellet (632), Skaland, Senja. 

Husfjellet as seen from Sommardalhaugen (327).

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A brief route description: there is a marked trail that starts from Berg kirke at Skaland and leads all the way to the summit.
The distance to the summit is 4.2 km. 

On the trail right before the hilltop Sommardalhaugen. 

IMG 0013

The view towards Husfjellet from Sommardalhaugen. 

IMG 0012

Bergsfjorden from Sommardalhaugen.

Approaching the South East ridge of Husfjellet. 

Looking towards Bergsfjorden.

The East face of Husfjellet as seen from the SE ridge.

The classic view from the summit plateau towards the peaks Litjebrusen and Storbrusen. Steinfjorden to the left. 

The summit with Okshornan to the left. 

The amazing view from the summit plateau towards Bergsøyan and Andøya far in the distance. 

© Geir Jenssen