Mykjetinden (605), Berg kommune, Senja. 

Mykjetinden as seen from Mefjordvær. 

A short description of the North ridge route (facing the camera): From Bjorvika in Mefjordvær, scramble the main ridge up to the base of «Hælen» (the Heel) (500 m) where you will find two drilled bolts. The first pitch (I-II) leads to the top of the Heel and the obvious headwall.

There is a narrow notch in the ridge which provides access to the headwall. The headwall is approx. 60 m grade II-III with lots of moss and loose rocks. Protection is difficult and sparse. 

There are two bolts near the summit cairn (60 m rappel).

Climbed by Joanna John and Geir Jenssen, 19. August 2015. 

The Heel (left) and the headwall of Mykjetinden.

Above the treeline


The headwall as seen from the base of the Heel. 

The headwall.

Looking down towards the notch between the Heel and the headwall.

2nd. pitch. Beware of the loose rocks.

On the summit.



© Geir Jenssen 2017